Thousands of schools use EduPage as their only webpage or as secondary webpage hosting the powerful EduPage online functions. Everything is tuned to be used in the academic environment. Absolutely no technicals skills are neccessary.
Electronic class register
Our smart system makes sure the teacher never does any work that can be prefilled by the computer and ensures that each information is entered only once, yet parents and teachers are fully informed. read more
Teachers can input the grades anytime and anywhere, parents are immediatelly notified. Averages, categories, assesments, reports - all is done automatically for you.
Track the attendace of both students and teachers. Calculate all the statistics you need and provide your parents with absences or late arrivals of their kids.
Publish your school's schedule online. But there is more! aSc Edupage automatically uses the timetable in electronic classregister, calendars, attendance tracking etc. read more
Manage your substitution changes online. The changes are not only published to the web and mobile phones but every changes is automatically transfered to classregister and calendars.
Input payments, send notices to parents, import payments from bank account and automatically match them. EduPage payments system not only saves you a lot of work, it frees your teachers to teach and not deal with money collection.
Let your teachers create&share e-learning material, which can be used in class or assigned to students as homework. The Exam module can even automatically grade students based on their results.
Mobile App
One of the key EduPage features is the mobile application. Every feature is fully accessible with the speed and comfort from your mobile device. Teacher can input grades, students can do elearning tests and much more. read more
And much more...
School's photo gallery, data backup, electronic notice board, export to social media, school calendar and tons of other useful features.
We are extremely pleased with the aSc program. It is user-friendly and very reliable. You do not need to be a computer whizz-kid to use it.
Peter Lechner
NMS Mayrhofen
We started using the electronic class register at our primary school in Matrei am Brenner in the 2013/14 school year. Our experiences so far have been very positive.
Angelika Falgschlunger
VS Matrei a. Br.
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Better Timetable

Works with your current system

No need to switch your current school management system - ascEdupage fits in neatly with other systems. We have taken great care to make sure you can choose features that your current school management system might be missing and use these features smoothly in tandem with your existing system. If, at some point in the future, you decide that ascEdupage works well for you and you would like to start drawing on its other features, they are right there waiting for you.

Focus on communication

We have been developing academic IT systems for over 20 years and nothing has been as challenging as supplying opportunities to streamline school-parent communication. This really takes school data to a whole new level. By giving parents access to their children's attendance record, grades, homework, syllabuses, etc., they are no longer in the dark and can play a more hands-on role.

Better Timetable
Better Timetable

Anytime, anywhere

With ascEdupage, you can access your school wherever you are. You can deliver homework from home, check substitution on your mobile device and be registered as present via tablet from the classroom. Best of all, data are much safer here than if stored locally because they cannot be lost or abused if computers are stolen.

Sleek design

Your school is awesome, so why not set up a website to reflect that? A professional website boosts the morale of all staff, attracts parents to your school and, when all is said and done, your school deserves it.

Better Timetable
We already have a school management system, can we use ascEduPage?

ascEduPage is extremely friendly with most third party systems. While it can be used as a complete system, you can also mix and match features that are missing in your current system.

How much work is it to set up ascEduPage?

One of our priorities is to make ascEduPage usable from the first time you use it. There is no setup, installation or data import necessary. Every feature can work autonomously, so you can advance at your own pace.

Isn't it safer to store school administrativia as hardcopies on paper?

Storing data on paper is not very safe. With ascEduPage, the encrypted data is stored in multiple datacenters and is virtually unerasable. However, if you wish, with ascEduPage you can print anything and everything and store it at your school.

Yeah, yeah, but for me it is faster to write it on the paper anyways.

Maybe. But consider this: the parents cannot read that paper. They really would like to know what happens in the school. If you input it into mobile phone, not only you have safe data that your parents immediatelly see, but you do not need to write this ever again into some useless statistics or formular.

How is ascEduPage different from other school management systems?

We serve the schools in 175 countries for over 20 years. We know something abut the schools and we believe that we can help the school not only with the mandatory tasks but we can provide features that will brighten the school days for both your kids and teachers.

Is the free version really free?

Yes, the basic version is free. Thousands schools use EduPage free as their webpage. They post news, texts about their school, share some photos, schedule and daily substitution changes. Even in free version your teachers can get familiar with other features. There is no limit, just watermarks in the printouts. Once you are convinced that the system suits you, you can buy Classregister and Grades for just 7 EUR per month!

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Fully usable
With Electronic classbook
EduPage PRO
Premium unlimited features
FREE 7eur/month 20eur/month
news, photos, texts, contact us...

max 10 text pages


Webpage Design 2
standard designs
standard designs
pro designs
Electronic class register
watermarks in printouts


Online Grade book
watermarks in printouts

watermarks in printouts

Teachers and students attendance
watermarks in printouts


Mobile app
HD Photos
max 300 photos

max 300 photos

create interactive tests and lessons

30 per teacher

30 per teacher

3000 per teacher
Publish timetable
Publish your school's schedule online

Max 1 timetable

Publish substitution
Publish your school's substituion online
Online substitutions
Manage your substitutions online
Print diploms
nice diplom templates

Electronic digital board
display important information on big TV
Online storage
publish Word/Excel/Video files

2000 MB
Complex payment categorization
add eye catching elements to your pages
FREE 7eur/month 20eur/month

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